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Spiritual Intelligence & Spiritual Health


  • Multiple Intelligence Logic or rational abilities don’t make up our total intelligence. Howard Gardner introduced the concept of multiple intelligence such as the linguistic (eg poets), logical and mathematical (eg scientists), musical (eg composers), the spatial ( eg sculptors, pilots), kinesthetics (eg dancers, athletes), the interpersonal (eg teachers, salesmen), the intrapersonal (eg within ourselves), and the natural(eg hunter).
  • Emotional Intelligence “Emotional Intelligence is the ability to empathise and relate to others” (Daniel Goldman)
  • Spiritual Intelligence “Spiritual intelligence is that intelligence which makes us whole, integral and transformative.”(Danah Zohar).

Intelligence and healthy human capacity

Healthy and successful life requires fulfillment of

  • Intellectual capacity (main question is “what do I think”)
  • Emotional capacity (main question is “what do I feel”)
  • Spiritual capacity (main question is “who am I”, why am I here?)

Introduction to spiritual health

Human beings are spiritual being. We have a need to know who we are and the reason for our existence. Being spiritually healthy will help a person lead a satisfying and peaceful existence. To some spirituality is about believing in a higher being and in the life after death. It is the sense of inner strength, peace, comfort and love. It also brings the sense of connectivity with the Al Mighty Creator and the whole universe. According to AlGhazali, the function of the soul is to know its Creator, to love Him and to seek closeness to Him.

Spirituality and religion

Many people find spiritual fulfillment through religion. Spirituality and religion are viewed as two distinct points in a continuum. “Religion is viewed as being linked to formal religious institutions, whereas spirituality does not depend upon a collective or institutional context” (George et al., 2003,p 103)

Sprituality and spiritual health

The positive belief and comfort from spirituality contribute to the sense of well being and a positive outlook of life. Knowing and believing that there is a Higher Being in control enables a person to remain hopeful and thankful; in moments of goodness, a sense of gratefulness and thankfulness and in moments of difficulties, the sense of comfort and hope. The synergy between emotional and spiritual health will create a positive dynamics that is based on positive values of honesty, responsibility, vision, cooperation, fairness and caring (Ary Ginanjar Agustian) It is also important to be aware of the state of arrogance, ostentation, jealousy, suspicion, anger, stinginess and love for power/fame/money as a cause of spiritual disorder (Al Ghazali).

Some step to achieve spritual health

  1. Understanding life as a spritual life
    • Understanding the meaning of life
    • Believing in the Al Mighty Most Compassionate God
    • Prayers as a spiritual communication; moments of praise, worship and hope
    • Meditation
    • Reading spiritual and inspirational literature
    • Singing devotional songs
    • Being in contact with nature
    • Attending religious services
  2. Understanding life as a spiritual journey
    • Bringing positive meaning to all that we do
    • Love and sincerity
    • Moving out from self centeredness
    • Moving towards giving and forgiving
    • Gratefulness and thankfulness
    • Being of service to others in need
  3. There can be time of spiritual crisis when a person go through challenges in life. Spirituality help turn resentment into resolution.
  4. Death
    • Accepting the certainty of death for physical life but the continuity of spiritual life.
    • Understanding grief reaction (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance)


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Last Reviewed : 21 Februari 2008
Writer : Dr. Aminah binti Kassim