Six Packs

A six-pack is the ultimate sign of fitness and strength – both physically and mentally. Many teen boys and girls wish to get rid of their belly fat and get great abdomen muscle bulk called six packs!

All of us have six packs. It is just that it is covered by fat and not visible in most of us.

To make it visible, you need to burn the fat overlying it.

You can’t achieve this overnight. It takes effort. Consistent exercise and healthy diet will take you there. There is no short cut! You must adhere to a strict low fat diet and do plenty of exercise. Your six-pack will not become apparent until the layer of fat covering them is gone.



How to get there…

  1. Eat small regular meals throughout the day Reducing body fat is vital. Eat healthy. Take regular, small balanced meals. Take a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean meat, fish and chicken.  It helps to to reduce fat storage. Cut down on oily food. Cut down on carbonated drinks. Take plenty of plain water Eat plenty of fiber Avoid indulging in sweets and junk food since they are high in calories.

               The key point: Eat healthy. Cut calorie

  2. Perform cardiovascular exercise Regular cardiovascular exercise helps to burn the unwanted fat from around the abdomen by increasing energy expenditure. BUT don’t overdo it! It doesn’t help. And in fact you get burnt out. Even just a 20 minutes cardiovascular exercise does wonders.

  3. Sports nutrition Healthy nutrition and exercise is fundamentally important in calorie expenditure. However there are also other means to increase the rate of fat burning. Caffeine and green tea have been shown to increase to increase fat burning.

    Some teens consume large amount of protein supplements with the hope that they develop six packs rapidly.

    CAUTION: Excessive amount may cause harm. If you wish to take protein supplements, consult your doctor or nutritionist for advice to ensure they are suitable for you.

    Some may advise you to try steroids to increase their muscle bulk. DON’T! It is dangerous!

  4. Specific abdominal exercise to attain six pack An abdominal training plan should focus on all areas of the stomach Sit-ups are the best form of exercise to help target and strengthen your mid-section

    A balanced abdominal training session consist of could: -Sit-ups -Sit-ups with a twist (so right elbow goes across to left knee and vice versa) -Hanging leg raises (bring knees up to make it easier)

    The following abdominal exercises are also known to be good for  muscular enhancement while maintaining allow risk of back injury.

    Perform them at least twice per week in the order listed: simple crunch, bicycle crunch, hanging leg raise and reverse crunch.



  5. Prioritise your workouts Don’t leave your abdomen workout till the end of your physical exercise.

    By then you may be too tired! Good to start your abdominal workouts early.

  6. Proper attire Remember to use comfortable sporting attire e.g vest, good fitting sports shoes.

    Avoid tight T-Shirts and shorts as it makes it difficult for you to perform stretching exercises.

  7. Stay motivated Stay motivated!

    Keep away from negative people who will deter you from your goal to achieve.

    If you are surrounded by negative people and influences, you will never achieve your goal. You can also have more fun achieving your goals by doing these exercises with a group of equally interested friends. Once you have achieved the desired six packs, that’s not it. You must continue maintaining them!

Best of luck!

Last Reviewed : 28 August 2020
Writer : Dr. Thiyagar Nadarajaw
Accreditor : Dr. Hargeet Kaur A/P Basant Singh
Reviewer : Dr. Nazhatussima bt. Suhaili