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Sexual Maturity

When do I become sexually matured?

Sexual maturation occurs during the teenage years. Changes that occur in boys and girls physically will make them capable of producing babies.

  • For girls, the start of periods will enable them to become pregnant
  • For boys, sperm production and ejaculation is the hallmark of sexual maturity

Physical changes to the breast, penis, testis and pubic hair make you ready for sexual maturity. (See Puberty changes)  

Welcome to adulthood!

You have now attained the ability to:

  • Cope with more guided freedom
  • Be given more responsibilities
  • Make your own choices regarding important issues on what you do

You will be interacting more with your peers, but must conduct yourself in a responsible manner. This will include decisions and choices with regards to sex and sexuality.

  • As a teenager, you may be tempted to experiment many things. It is important to choose your friends carefully to avoid engaging in risky activities like:
  • Motor vehicle racing
  • Experimentation with drugs
  • Engaging in premarital sex

Be aware of consequences. Risky behavior may lead to:

  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Increased risk of cervical cancer (in girls)


Is it safe to have sex?

Having sexual relations is a very special and an important event. It should be reserved only for couples who are married to each other. Premarital sex is discouraged by most religions and cultures. However, if you still intend to have sex, be aware of the consequences!!! Use a condom to protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections and unwanted pregnancy. Note: Under the Penal Code, any sexual relationship with a minor (under 16 years) is considered as Statutory Rape. This is a criminal act and is punishable by caning and a jail term.  

Where can I get advice?

You should seek help from:

  • Your school counselor
  • Your family doctor
  • A trusted family member
  • Non-Governmental Organizations e.g. ASNITA, BEFRIENDERS, AWAM


Last reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer   Datin Dr. Sheila Marimuthu
    Dr. Jemah bt. Sajari
Reviewer : Datin Dr. Sheila Marimuthu