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Sexual Health

Question 1

Am I loosing my virginity because of falling or being active in extreme sports/ adventure?

Answer 1

The hymen is a thin layer of tissue that partially opens in the female vagina. It can be torn when inserted with something like a penis and other objects such as tampons and fingers. Sometimes, it can be torn when doing outdoor activities like cycling, extreme sports and others. It can also be torn because of an infection. If you fall, but nothing penetrates your vagina, most likely, your hymen remains normal. If you want a stronger assurance, please consult your doctor or nurse for a check.

The presence of blood during the first sexual intercourse does not necessarily mean that a woman is a virgin, although  contrary to culture, customs and general perception .If a woman is not ready to have sex, but her husband forcefully has sexual intercourse, injuries to the vaginal walls can also cause bleeding. Absence or presence of the hymen does not determine the person had experienced sexual relationship.

Question 2

Sir, I want to know what is the risk of sexual intercourse when the wife is pregnant?

Answer 2

Not much problems in most cases. But in some cases, doctors do not encourage having sexual intercourse, especially in cases where there is strong history of miscarriage (threatened abortion). Early sign of this problem is bleeding without any pain. If the bleeding is presented with pain in the abdomen, the possibility of miscarriage is great. In this case, get advice from a doctor immediately.

Question 3

I have been married for six months and I am very eager to have a baby. I am 30 years old and my husband is 38 years old and physically overweight. What should  we do to have a baby immediately.

Answer 3

You are advised to have sexual intercourse on alternate days from the 8th day after your menstrual cycle until the 18th day when you are fertile. You are also encouraged to lie on your back with the buttocks on the pillow. You should remain in this position for 30 minutes after sexual intercourse so that the cervix can gather the sperm.
If you have tried this technique and still does not work then you are recommended to seek medical advice. The best time to see a doctor depends on your menstrual cycle, if you have:

  1. Regular menstrual cycle, after a year of trying

  2. Irregular menstrual cycle, after trying for 6 months

In addition to this, practice a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and doing exercise regularly, so that you will have an ideal body weight. Also encourage your  husband to quit smoking, if he is a smoker.

Last Reviewed: 30 January 2012

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