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Sexual Health in Elderly ( Female)


Most women underwent many changes after passing middle age period (after the age of  40’s to the 50’s). These changes occur due to menopause. During this period, ovaries become smaller and lesser amount of sex hormones such as estrogen, progestogen , and testosterone being produced .

The menstrual cycle becomes irregular, eventually stop and the woman becomes infertile. Sex drive is also affected and become less.

There will be higher  risk to get certain diseases after menopause such as:

  1. Coronary heart disease
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Changes of normal urinary track and birth canal passage will lead to pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)  and urinary problems.

Female sexual problems

What are female sexual problems?

There are 4 types of female sexual problems:

  1. Reduce sex drive- when you are not interested or avoid sexual activity
  2. Less arousal- no sexual pleasure or response when stimulated by spouse during foreplay
  3. No orgasm- unable to achieve orgasm during intercourse
  4. Pain during or after intercourse (dyspareunia hyperlink)

Signs and symptoms of female sexual problems

Do I have sexual problems?
Nearly 70% of couples will have some sexual problems during their marital lifetime.

Almost all females feel that they are not performing well during their sexual activity and it is normal.
If you are not interested or has no pleasure for an intimate relationship with your spouse, maybe you are already having sexual problems. Discuss your problem with your doctor.

Your discussion with the doctor is private and will be kept secret. The doctor will find the sources and correct remedies for your problems. The doctor will examine and advise you on the further management of your problem.

Sources and Risk Factors

Risk factors for female sexual problems:

Many factors such as medications, chronic diseases, infection of urinary tract, infection of vaginal/birth canal and environment can cause a female sexual problem. These factors are:

  1. Medications- hormonal contraceptive pills and anti-cancer medication
  2. Chronic diseases- diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and arthritis
  3. Excessive alcohol intake
  4. Infection of urinary track and birth canal (herpes simplex, vaginal candidiasis)
  5. Depression, abuse –current or past
  6. Dryness of vagina due to menopause
  7. Stress in life, fatigue and work burden
  8. Routine and same sexual acts also can cause boredom and frigidity during sexual intercourse
Last Reviewed : 18 July 2016
Translator : Dr. A Khalek bin Abd. Rahman
Accreditor : Dr. Radziah binti Abdul Rashid