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Sex for a Price


Sex for a price refers to the act of sex for a fee, which is also called prostitution.

It is illegal and against the Malaysian law if a teenager performs sex or is forced to have sex or paid a sum of money for the service provided. This act can be reported to the authorities and the parties concerned can be charged.

The true incidence in our country is not known but the commercial exploitation of teenagers remains a growing problem.

Many of the victims are trafficked by middle-men and most of them are from the lower income groups who might have migrated to the cities for job opportunities. Some teens work as a group with an agent while some are on their own.

Consequences of Prostitution

Prostitution causes physical, mental and social complications

  • Physically your body is at risk of being abused by violent clients.

  • The biggest fear of prostitution is contracting sexually transmitted illness like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, viral warts, Herpes, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

  • Unplanned pregnancies can happen and this can lead to health problems in young girls who might not have social support to continue the pregnancy. This can lead to abandoned babies.

  • Mental health issues like anxiety, depression and suicide are rife among young girls who engage in the sex trade.

ABSTINENCE is advocated in young, unmarried girls. The complications of sex for money is too far reaching for a young person be it a boy or a girl.


  • Be mindful of good job offers that promise “big bucks” by strangers in big cities.

  • Do not fall prey to human traffickers.

  • Always practice safe sex if dealing with a client- Use barriers like condoms and diaphragms (Link to Contraception). Please see your doctor for emergency contraception.

Where can I get help to escape my traffickers?

It is never too late to stop yourself from prostitution.

Please get help from :

  • Talian Nur- 15999

  • Your nearest police station

  • The nearest hospital /clinic


The agencies above will alert the social services to help you with counseling, rehabilitation, placement as well as getting medical treatment and screening.

Last Reviewed : 13 September 2013
Writer : Dr. Sheila Marimuthu
Accreditor : Dr. Thiyagar Nadarajaw