Young teen boys may develop pain in their groin or scrotum. This has to be taken seriously.

See a doctor immediately.

Scrotal pain can be due to epidydimoorchitis, torsion of testis or scrotal hematoma.




What is epididymo-orchitis
Epididymis is a tube like structure which runs at the back of the scrotum towards the testes. It carries the sperm from testes to the urethra.

When there is swelling in epididymis it is called epididymitis. If the testes alone if inflamed, it is called orchitis

More often than not, both the structures are involved; and as such is termed epidydimoorchitis.

How do I know that I have Epididymo-orchitis?
You may develop sudden pain or the pain and swelling may develop gradually over days.
You may also experience other symptoms e.g

  • Pain on passing urine

  • Fever

  • Discharge from the tip of penis

What causes Epididymo-orchitis?
It may be caused virus (e.g mumps virus) and bacteria. It may also be due to sexually transmitted illness like gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis.

If not treated promptly, may cause damage to the testis and the testes may not be able to produce sperms.

What do I do is I develop such symptoms?
Seek IMMEDIATE medical help!

Your doctor will examine you and may conduct a few tests such as urine and blood.

If proven the doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics and pain killer


What is torsion of testis?
Torsion is a condition where the cord (tubes) that contains the tube which carries the sperms from the testes to the urethra as well as vessels get twisted.

It can result in serious consequences.

If not treated immediately within 4-12 hours, it can result in permanent damage to the testes.

Torsion is the commonest cause of testicular loss in teenagers.

Testicular torsion is a surgical emergency.



What causes torsion?
Majority is due to slight abnormality of the testes which makes it prone for twisting.

Torsion, most commonly occurs in teens between 12-18 years old.

What are the symptoms of torsion?
You may experience excruciation pain and also swelling in your testes associated with swelling.

What to do?
SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL HELP! If confirmed, you will require surgical intervention in the form of manual closed reduction and surgical fixation if closed reduction is unsuccessful.


Testicular hematoma

Hematoma is relatively uncommon. Testicular injuries are uncommon as the scrotum is very mobile.

However when it does occur, often is often due to blunt trauma.

The most common cause of blunt testicular trauma is sports injuries.

What to do?
If you sustain any injuries to your scrotum or testis, seek medical help. The doctor will do a proper examination and advice you appropriately. Most often you will recover well with pain reliever and local medications.

Last Reviewed : 23 August 2019
Writer : Dr. Thiyagar Nadarajaw
Accreditor : Dr. Fauziah bte. Zainal Ehsan
Reviewer : Dr. Mohamad Hamim b. Mohamad Hanifah