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Safety Glasses

What is meant by safety glasses?

Safety eyewear is composed of several types of special glasses used for protecting the eyes and the area around the eyes. The discussion here is only about safety glasses in the context of its use to prevent mechanical injury alone, and not those used in hazardous radiation protection. For radiation protection purposes, specific filter lens are used.

Picture shows a worker wearing safety glasses

What is the need to wear safety glasses?

Routine activities such as work, sports and hobbies do make us vulnerable to dangerous environment that can injure eyes. Mechanical injury to the eyes and around the eyes can occur in the following circumstances:

  1. Specific sports:
    1. Squash
    2. Cricket
    3. American football
    4. Tennis
  2. Manufacturing industry, activities at home and gardening require protection from:
    1. flying particles
    2. dangerous liquid splashes
    3. dust
    4. smoke

Picture shows the type of work that needs the use of safety glasses

Selection of proper safety glasses

In general, the selection of appropriate safety glasses depends on the type of lens and its size. Important considerations include:

  1. If the work activity only involves exposure to dust, fumes and chemical splashes, glasses with CR39 lenses can be used.
  2. If work activities, gardening or sports involving exposure to strong mechanical impact like particles flying from rocks or the impact of a tennis ball, glasses with polycarbonate lenses should be used.
  3. The size of the safety glasses, whether one that covers the entire face or just the eyes and areas around it, will depend on the activities involved such as work, gardening or sports.
  4. The correct size of the glasses is important because it should not hinder movement but at the same time provide safety while doing the activity.


Last Reviewed : 23 August 2019
Writer : Shah Farez Othman
Translator : Varuges V.M Abraham
Akreditor : Dr. Zuraidah Bt. Mustari
Reviewer : Dr. Rosniza bt. Ab. Razak