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What are the common types of skin rashes seen in children?

Many conditions are associated with skin rashes. They include :

  • Heat rash (sweat rash).
  • Eczema.
  • Urticaria (hives).
  • Allergic rashes.
  • Contact dermatitis.
  • Fungal infections of the skin such as tinea, ringworm.
  • Infections such as viral fever, measles, rubella, non-specific viral rash and dengue fever.
  • Diaper rash.
  • Bites and stings.

What are the symptoms and signs?

The rashes can be red, dry, scaly and itchy. More serious rash can cause skin swelling and redness.

How can these rashes be treated?

  • Most of the skin rashes disappear spontaneously without treatment.
  • The treatment will depend on the type of skin rash. Most viral rash will disappear spontaneously.
  • Treatment of the symptoms will make the child more comfortable.
  • A visit to the doctor will help to identify the kind of rash so that specific treatment can be given.
  • Heat rash can be treated by removing the baby’s excess clothing and giving them a bath.

Tips to stop the itch :

  • Avoid hot humid conditions.
  • Have a cool bath and don’t use soap but use moisturizers or emollients instead.
  • Use cool or wet cloths over the itchy area.
  • Apply calamine lotion on the rash.
  • Take antihistamine as prescribed by doctor.

How can rashes be prevented?

  • For allergic dermatitis, try to avoid the aggravating substance.
  • For eczema, do not use soaps that may dry the skin. Use moisturisers (emollients).
  • Do not wear thick clothes or overdress your baby.
Last reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer : Dr. Norrashidah Hj. Abd Wahab
  : Dr. Nor Mahani Harun
Reviewer : Dr. Sabeera Begum bt. Kader Ibrahim