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Procedure Medical Board Management In Hospitals

When The Medical Board Will Set Up?

The medical board is the Board established under general orders Chapter F-18 for the purpose of examining civil servants with the following criteria:

  1. When at every year within three (3) consecutive years the officer was on 45 days medical leave or more;
  2. When an officer was found to be unhealthy after taking all the medical leaves;
  3. When a Medical officer certify that no hope for the officer to be fit to work;
  4. When the health of the brain or body of the officer is in doubt;
  5. When an officer has been injured/acquiring occupational disease while on official duty;
  6. When an officer was diagnosed with tuberculosis, leprosy or cancer;
  7. When the officer or his family should be checked to seek treatment abroad because there is no such treatment available in the country;
  8. Other circumstances where the Medical Board should be set up on the instructions of the Ministry of Health. For example the purchase of medical equipment and medication upon the advice of specialist.

How To Apply For The Setting of The Medical Board

All applications to set up a medical Board must be made through the State Health Department/Hospital Director of Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Applications must be made in writing in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. Application for purposes of the possibility of retirement (refer to (P.P. 10/1995).
  2. Application for medical examination (provisions of the general orders Chapter C & Chapter F (19)).
  3. Other application such as Ex-Gratia (Treasury circular 7/2001.)
  4. Reimbursement Of Medical expenses (refer to the circular Bill 21/2009).

Tick ( / )







Application letter from the Department of The Employee for the purposes as follows:

a. Application for purposes of the possibility of retirement (refer to Appendix A (P.P. 10/1995)



b. Application for medical examination (Refer General orders Chapter C & Chapter F (19))



c. Other applications such as Ex Gratia (refer to the circular of the Treasury Bills 7/2001)



The Latest Medical Report



Duty List



Statement of service (if required)



Medical Leave Statement



A Summary Of   The Latest Performance Report



Previous medical report (if any)



Payment (if applicable)



Report Summary description of officers

(if necessary)


* Incomplete applications will not be processed

Authority to Set Up A Medical Board

State Health Director/Director of Hospital Kuala Lumpur has the authority to set up a Medical Board and appoint any medical officer as he thinks fit to be a member of the Medical Board.

Who Are The Members Of The Medical Board?

The Medical Board shall comprise of not less than two (2) medical officers in which one of them shall be a specialist in the discipline related to the type of illness or injury suffered by the officer to be inspected. The Medical Board shall be chaired by the Director of Hospital / Deputy Director of Hospital (Medical) or the head of Clinical Department or equivalent. However, Medical Board can convene if there is only the Chairman and a member of the medical boards. Any medical officers who have treated the patient shall not be member of the medical board.

Fees Of Medical Board

The amount chargeable to the applicant is RM 200.00 (Malaysian Ringgit: Two Hundred only) and exemption given to applications from government departments and statutory bodies based on the Fee Act (Medical)(Amendment) 2003.

Mode Of Payment:

  1. Payment to the State Health Department, payment must be made by cheque/postal order/money payable to the respective Director of Hospital.
  2. Payment made to the respective hospital, payment shall be made in cash/cheque/money order and a copy of the receipt must be submitted by the applicant to the State Health Department as evidence of payment.

Medical Board Conference/Section

The patient must be present during the board meeting. However for some cases the board may exclude patients to attend. Member of the Medical Board may obtain additional information from:

  1. Medical officer who have been treat the patients before
  2. The employer or representative
  3. Family members
  4. Private Medical Practitioner
  5. The Medical Board Report

Report Of The Medical Board Shall Be Prepared By Using The Following Format

For The Purpose Of Retirement On Medical/ For Reason Of Health
Service circular 10/1995. Refer To Appendix B (Medical Board Report about Retirement For Reasons Of Health Under Section 10 (5) (a), The Pensions Act 1980 (Act 227);

For The Purpose Of Medical Examination
General orders (Medical Board Report general orders Chapter “F” 20)

For Other Purposes
Examples : Ex Gratia (Appendix D Medical Board Form (Ex-Gratia) Permanent Disability Case)

  1. The report shall be forwarded to the applicant within a period of two (2) months from the date of Medical Board Conference.
  2. The Medical Board report must be prepared in three (3) copies. Two (2) copies to be submitted to the State Health Department and one (1) copy is to be kept at the hospital.


1. The Pensions Act 1980 (Act 227), Section 10 (5) (a) Retirement for reasons of health
2. General orders Chapter C (Paragraphs 18, 22 (a), 28)
3. General orders Chapter F (Paragraph 7, 18, 19, 20)
4. Service Circular Number 10 year 1995, officer retirement procedures for Reasons of health
5. Treasury Circular Bill 7 year 2001, amendment of payment under Ex-Gratia Scheme Work
Disaster For civil servants.
6. Circular of the Health General Director Bill 18/2010, guidelines establishment of the Medical Board in the State Health Department, Medical Institutions and Health Ministry Hospitals.

Last Reviewed : 18 August 2017
Writer : Pn. Norhayati Bt Mohamed Sari
Translator : En. Kaandeepan A/L Govindasamy
Accreditor : Tn. Hj. Lokhman Bin Dasuki