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Preparation Before Interview Session


“I Need a Job, Job, and Job……” It is natural for any adults to have a career in life. Indeed, it is something weird if a completely healthy and wise man chooses to become jobless. Apart from earning income for daily living, job will transform a person to become more competitive, productive and give them chance to show their true potential within themselves.

From the employer point of view, interview session is one part of the screening process before a particular employee is hired. In fact, most of all positions offered required interview session at the very beginning. In other words, it is essential to most of the people to undergo interview session before they’re hired to a specific position in a particular organization.

Why we need to be interviewed? Why it is so important? These rhetorical questions are common in the mind of the job seekers. The answer is basically the high competition in the job market and only the best candidates are visible in the eyes of the employer.

Nowadays, people have to accept the fact that the job market is not like the old days, which is very dynamic in nature. Graduate with flying colours is not a ticket to get a good job. Diploma holder must compete with university graduate and because of the said factor, recent job market trend has changed to an open one. Most of the employer seek candidate who can undertake multitasking job and is dynamic in personality. Therefore, a person must be well-prepared before they attend to any interview session.

“I have done enough for the interview but still haven’t got hired. What is wrong with me?” This is the expression for most all of the jobseekers who still couldn’t get their dream job. According to them, all the necessary actions have been taken before they go to interview session but still lacking from the eyes of the interviewer.

Most of the employers found that most candidates do not prepare well before the interview. The common mistakes that usually happened are they do not have much information pertaining to the job scope of the position applied, low self-confidence, unable to communicate professionally, not well-dressed, lack of general knowledge and are passive when facing an interviewer.

To all candidates, before going to the interview session, make sure you are hundred percent prepared. There are few elements that should be considered such as :-

  • Physical
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge (Cognitive)
  • Emotion
  • Physical Appearance
  1. Physical

Candidates are encouraged to get enough sleep a night before the interview, between six to eight hours. This will allow our body to get enough rest and physically fit to face the day. If the body does not get enough rest, we would easily feel exhausted and unable to answer the interview questions and requests.

A healthy physical condition will help candidate to make better preparations before the interview. The reason is because most of the candidates have to use a lot of time and energy. Without doubt, this requires a healthy body condition to deal with the situation.

  1. Documentation

All candidates must ensure that all relevant documents are complete and in good condition before going to the interview. Among the necessary documents that must be presented are the interview called up letter, personal identification documents, academic certificates, curricular and outdoor activities certificates and proof of awards at the highest level ever obtained.

It is recommended to all candidates to put the all of the obtained said documents in a file and compiled them in order starting from the lower to the highest education. These will show the dedication, initiative and creativity of candidates from the eyes of the interviewer.

  1. Knowledge

For those who will be attending interviews, this particular aspect must be strengthened. Knowledge is one of the key elements that will be evaluated for every candidate. Before going to the interview, candidates are encouraged to look for some important information related to the position applied for such as :

  • Job scope of the applied position

Each candidate must have complete information related the job scope such as roles, essential skills, the risk may be exposed and the career development and opportunities which are available. Such information will make the candidate feel more prepared and increase their self-confidence before going to the interview.

  • Current issue related to the job

Usually, someone who has the passion in getting a job will prepare themselves with knowledge and be sensitive to the current issues occurred around them. This includes national and global issues. By linking the current issues related to the position applied will gain self- confidence and influence the interviewer to choose the candidate.

  1. Emotion

EmotionIt is common for normal human beings to feel nervous before the interview. Nevertheless, this feeling must be controlled to minimize negative feelings arise before the interview. Failure to control this feeling will make candidates feel anxious, restless and later losing confidence during the interview. Because of the said factor, this is something that should be taken care off.

All candidates must ensure that they are in a state of emotional stability before facing the interview session. This is because the emotional preparation is the core and essential elements for each candidate.

  1. Physical Appearance

This aspect also plays an important role that should be truly considered by every candidate before the interview. This is because their appearance is the first thing that will be assessed once the candidate steps inside the interview room.

Physical appearance serves to provide a positive first impression impact on the interviewer. It also shows that the candidate has the passion, discipline and seriously prepared before the interview session.

For candidate, it is advisable to appear in a good outfit and looks professional such as follows :

Male Candidate :

Male CandidateThe clothing must be neat and clean. Avoid wearing a t-shirt or batik.

  • Colours of the shirt should not be too dark (example: black, dark red, dark blue and so on). Wear light-colored clothing but not too colorful.
  • Wear dark pants. Pants must be from the slack type.
  • Wear belt.
  • If the job applied is a professional position, candidates are advised to wear a tie and name tag.
  • Wear leather shoes, avoid wearing slippers or sandals.
  • Hair must be short, neat and natural in color. If candidates have beard and moustache, it must be cut neatly and do not look stringy.
  • Wearing body perfume, but not too much.

Female Candidate:

Female CandidateWear clothes that are neat and not too showy.

  • Colour selection of shirts and scarves must be of a light tone, not dark or too bright.
  • If candidates want to wear skirts, it must be long enough and not a skirt that is too short.
  • Wear fully covered leather shoes and socks.

Manner and Conversation Style

  • Be early to the interview. This includes knowing in advance the location of the interview.
  • Be calm and do not show nervousness in front of the interviewer.
  • Greet and wish “Good Morning” to the interviewer
  • Do not sit down until it is instructed by the interview panel.
  • Submit the necessary document when being asked by the interview panel.
  • Make good eye contact with the panel especially when communicating.
  • Answering questions and accompanied by a smile.
  • Sit with an upright position.
  • Speak in a moderate tone which is clear, neither too fast nor too slow.
  • Acknowledge the interviewer by saying thank you before moving out from the interview room.

In conclusion, to become a successful candidate, a detail and full preparation must be done before facing the interview session. All of the above elements and aspects should be noted and polished seriously by each candidate. Continuous practice on these aspects will help candidate in improving their self-confidence before and each time they walk into the interview session.


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