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Premarital Seks


  • Adolescent’s sexual behaviors begin at different ages according to their cultural and social values.
  • Studies in different parts of the world show that premarital sexual encounters are generally unplanned.


Who are at risk?

  • Alcohol and drug user.
  • Having a special boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Poor school attendance.
  • A history of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Inadequate parental monitoring.


What are the consequences?

  • Medical consequences are :
    • Unwanted pregnancy.
    • Unsafe abortion.
    • Child abandonment.
    • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • Psychological and social consequences are :
    • Relationship and emotional problems. See (Understanding sexuality)
    • Family and social disharmony.
    • Legal implications.


How can you avoid it?

  • Avoid having sex :
    • You’re in charge of your own life. Do not let anyone pressure you into having sex.
    • There are a lot of good reasons to say “No, not yet”. Protecting your health and also your feelings is one of them. You can always say “no” even if you’ve said “yes” before. See (Assertive skills).
    • The partner who loves and respects you will not ask for sex before marriage.
    • Remember that your body is your responsibility.
  • Avoid reading or viewing pornographic material.
  • Get involved in more meaningful activities such sports, exercises, cultural activities, religious activities or other volunteer works.
  • If you’re already involved in premarital sex, be aware of it’s consequences.
  • According to religions and cultures, sex before marriage (premarital sex) is prohibited. It is wise to abide by your religion.


What are the legal implications?

  • The Malaysian criminal law, as contained in the Penal Code Act 574 has taken the position to address a minimum age for specific offences.
  • It states that a person who is under sixteen years of age if female, or less than thirteen years of age if male, shall be deemed to be incapable of giving consent.
  • As an example, the minimum age for consensual intercourse as provided by section 375 (Penal Code) is aimed at penalizing those who are engaged in sexual acts with minors. This is referred to as statutory rape.


Last Reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer : Dr. Wan Fadhilah bt. Wan Ismail
Reviewer : Dr. NIk Rubiah bt. Nik Abd. Rashid