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My Partner Is Sexually Demanding

As a teenager, you may be involved in a demanding relationship. Your partner can be either emotionally or sexually demanding. Do not be a victim of this as you have to be firm and not allowed to be blackmailed to give- in sexually.

The abuser or the offending partner will emotionally blackmail you for sexual favours.

An example is that he or she will ask you to prove your love and loyalty by performing sex with him or her. You should not be forced to have sex against your will. You also do not need to prove your love this way.

Know the law

In Malaysia there are laws pertaining to sexual activity amongst young people.

The Penal code states that any girl who indulges in sex below the age of 16 is deemed as Statutory rape. This means that the male partner can be charged under Statutory Rape even if the girl consents. Under the Syariah court, the female and the male can be punished by a fine or even whipping if found guilty.

You and your partner should be aware of this.

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Know the risk

A sexually demanding partner can expose the victim to many risks.

  1. Social isolation. Your partner might emotionally be overprotective and obsessive and stop you from seeing other people or friends
  2. Low self esteem. You can feel very low in self- worth when you are a victim
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases like warts, Chlamydia,Hepatitis, Herpes,HIV/AIDS
  4. Unplanned teenage pregnancy
  5. Mental health Issues like depression and suicidality

Types of sexual demands

  1. Pornography- your partner might engage you in pornography viewing or taping. Do not let yourself be taped in any sexual or nude poses.
  2. Fondling of your body
  3. Oral sex
  4. Inserting a finger into your genitalia
  5. Full penetrative sex
  6. Anal sex
  7. Using sex toys on you.

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What can I do if my partner is sexually demanding?

  1. Be firm and let him/her know that you will not tolerate it
  2. End a sexually violent relationship
  3. Get help: Report to your parents, counsellors or your nearest Health care giver, Policeetc
  4. If you are raped against your will please seek help immediately( see sexual abuse/rape)

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You are in charge of your life and should never be exploited by your partner or anyone. End a sexually demanding relationship.


Penal Code/ Syariah Law