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What To Do When Parents Oppose Your Interest?

Adolescent is an individual with own interest and the interest may not be the same with the parents. However, is it not uncommon for parents to oppose what their teenagers want to do. Sometimes parents are not even aware they shut down their teenagers hobbies and interests. 

Parents can also be judgmental of their children, and they don’t realize it. Many teenagers have big dreams but they worried what their parents will think. Some teens worry about disappointing their parents and may end up getting parents angry. 

Parents’ high expectation on their teens can be a burden to them. Most teens feel that they need to convince their parents to let them choose a career path of their liking. 

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Why your parents oppose your interest:

When parents offer resistance, the parents may have reasons to resist and oppose your interest. The possible reasons are as below:

  1. They want to protect you

    Your parents don’t want to see you disappointed. They want you to succeed at everything and not to get hurt.

  2. The fear of change

    Parents may resist any change or deviation from norm. Change can be uncomfortable, unpredictable and create anxiety. They are unclear on details of your interest and the prospect of it.

  3. They really need you

    Some parents want you to be near them. If you are your parents’ support system, you cannot just leave your parents. 

Suggestions on what should teenagers do:

    • If you want to convince your parents, you have to be very clear about what you want to accomplish. Be sure of your goals and strategies to accomplish them.
    • Do some research on the interest or the career path your parents may not be convinced of. Find out more about that career, curriculum or job opportunities. This will give you the confidence and extra knowledge to convey to your parents.
    • Talk to people in the career of choice. Connect to someone from the same interest/career to get to know their insights and how it is like for them. This is to get an idea to make an informed decision. You can even ask your parents to get connected to them.
    • Show your parents your seriousness in your interest by doing it right, making sure you don’t neglect other responsibilities and chores.
    • Seek someone help (e.g. a teacher, a counsellor)


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Last Reviewed : 06 Spetember 2017
Writer : Dr. Harlina Bt. Bahar
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