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What Is A Mobile X-ray Examination

  • An examination performed on a patient who cannot be brought to the X-ray department such as:

– Critically ill patients

– Patients requiring intensive care

– Patients with infectious disease

– Patients on critical life support machines

– Forensic cases

Types Of Examination

  • Common mobile X-ray examinations include X-ray of the:

– Chest

– Vertebral column

– Skull

– Abdomen and pelvis

– Upper and lower extremities

pemeriksaan_x-ray_mudah_gerak_1 pemeriksaan_x-ray_mudah_gerak_2
pemeriksaan_x-ray_mudah_gerak_3 pemeriksaan_x-ray_mudah_gerak_4

Picture 1: Mobile X-ray examination using a mobile machine

How Is The Examination Performed?

  • The examination is performed using a mobile X-ray machine.
  • This machine can be moved to various locations as required such as wards, intensive care units, resuscitation bays and the mortuary.
  • The radiographer will push the machine to the required location.
  • The machine will be brought close to the patient.
  • The radiographer will position the machine and patient for the examination.
  • Before the X-ray exposure is made, the people nearby will be advised to move away from the area.
  • After the examination, the machine will be pushed back to the department and the images will be processed.




Last Reviewed : 5 January 2017
Translator : Daud bin Ismail
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