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Mental Health of Working Adults


  1. What are the roles of an adult? An adults played a roles such as spouse, parents, workers and other members of society to develop attitudes, interests and values in keeping up with these roles.
  2. What are the expected social roles an adult has to fulfils to achieve mental health needs? To achieved mental health needs an adult needs to:
    • achieve intimacy involving both giving and receiving love, affection and the sense of belonging.
    • start a family and assume parental role, comfortable and feel secure and happy with family life
    • set realistic goals, live within their means of livelihood, put their best effort in their career and considerate their strengths and weaknesses.
    • assume appropriate social and civic responsibilities as part of the community
    • have both self-esteem and the esteem a person gets from others.
    • have self-actualisation to motivate and develop one’s full potential as an individual; to reach the highest level of their capabilities, conscience and wisdom; to fulfil their aspirations
  3. Why do mentally healthy adult needs to work? A mentally healthy adult has a needs to work for fulfilling different purposes. Some of the reasons why people need to work :
    • to earn a living for improving their socio-economic status and quality of life
    • to provides status in society
    • it symbolises personal achievement
    • it gives a sense of physical and psychological well being
    • to fulfill moral and religious obligations
  4. What does a healthy working contributes to your mental health? Healthy working contributes and ensure a good mental health.
  5. What are the components in a healthy working? Healthy working comprises:
    • Engaging in a legal job and serves constructive purposes to the society.
    • Having a sense of purpose and dignity.
    • Having a positive attitude -motivated, energetic and enthusiastic-towards work.
    • Having a sense of self-development.
    • Being able to maintain a balance between work and other life’s responsibilities.
    • Feeling in control of the job’s responsibilities.
    • Able to interact effectively with management and co-workers which is conducive to the work performances.
    • Achieving work performance which meets the expectations of the job role.
    • Recognition of person’s skills and contributions.
  6. How does a healthy working ensures you a good mental health? A healthy working :
    • increases your sense of importance; when your skills and roles are being valued and appreciated
    • enhances your self-esteem; when you engages in productive work you will experience a sense of achievement and feel satisfied and fulfilled doing something you enjoy.
    • enhances your self-development
    • increases your social support by interaction with your management and co-workers effectively
    • improves your quality of family life
Last Reviewed : 04 Mei 2011
Writer : Dr. Nurashikin binti Ibrahim