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What is masturbation?

  • Masturbation is the act of touching or rubbing a person’s genitals to cause sexual excitement up to the point of intense pleasure or orgasm.
  • It is a part of sexual development and can occur in both boys and girls.
  • Many people will not talk about it or admit to doing it as they probably feel embarrassed.
  • It is usually something very personal and private to a person.


Is it wrong to masturbate?

  • Masturbation is part of normal development however not everybody masturbates.
  • It is usually the first experience of sexual pleasure.
  • Some boys and girls do masturbate but others do not.
  • If you feel guilty after masturbating, seek help from reliable sources.


It is wrong when :

  • It is done openly in public places.
  • It is done too often and becomes an addiction.


What are the religious views on masturbation?

  • In Malaysia, most of the cultures or religions forbid or do not encourage masturbation.
  • For example the Islamic and the Catholic faiths do not allow masturbation.
  • Your religious views are something that you should consider when making decisions on masturbation.
  • It is good if you can discuss the religious issues with your religious teachers or parents.


Is it harmful?

No, it is generally not harmful.

It is harmful only when :

  • It is done so aggressively that you hurt yourself.
  • It is done too often that it causes psychological and physical problems.
  • Get accurate information from reliable sources :
    • Your parents.
    • Teachers
    • Doctors
    • Religious teachers MOH : www.moh.gov.my and JAKIM : www.islam.gov.my
    • NGO’s – Malaysian Consultative Council For Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism & Sikhism: www. mccbchs.bobjots.org


Examples :

  • A person could be using all types of materials e.g. rough cloth to create more sensation at the genital area and this results in wounds at the genital area.
  • A boy found that he became easily tired and had no energy to wake up in the morning to go to school. He also could not concentrate on his lessons when he was in class. Why? Because he spent half the night masturbating and could not stop thinking about it. He was also worried that his family and friends would find out what he was doing. At the same time he felt guilty and ashamed for indulging in this behaviour.

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Last Reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer : Dr. Nazrila Hairizan bt. Nasir
Reviewer : Dr. Iskandar Firzada b. Osman