Mammography Examination

Mammography is an X-ray examination of the breast. It is one of the methods used for early detection of breast cancer. The doctor treating the patient may request for the examination if the patient is having a sign of breast disease such lump, breast pain, nipple discharge and changes of the nipples.


Picture 1: Mammographic Images


Patient Preparation Before Mammography

  • The examination appointment will be given by a radiographer.
  • Appointment is given to ensure that the patient is not pregnant and the date is suitable to both the patient and the radiology department. The examination may be postponed until after delivery if you are pregnant.
  • On the examination day patients are not allowed to use talcum powder or perfume around the armpit and breast. Patients are required to change into a hospital gown that will be provided before the examination.

How Is Mammography Performed

  • The mammogram will be done by a female radiographer with special training in mammography and using a dedicated machine.
  • During the examination the breast will be compressed using a special tool. This is done to even out the breast thickness. You will feel slight pain. Please inform the radiographer if the compression is too painful for you.
  • Routinely mammography will be done with a patient standing facing the machine.

 mammography_2Picture 2: Positioning


The radiology report will be done by a radiologist. If necessary the radiologist will perform an ultrasound examination after viewing mammographic images produced by the radiographer.



Last Reviewed : 2 June 2016
Translator : Daud bin Ismail
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