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Immobilization Device

What are immobilisation devices?

  • Immobilisation device are addtional tools / accesories used by the radiographer to assist in positioning so that patients’ are immobilised and stabilised.
  • Immobilisation devices are made of radiolucent material that allow X-rays to penetrate through such as sponge and sandbags.
  • Normally immobilastion devices are used for pediatrics and trauma patients in the Emergency Department.

When and why is it required?

It is necessary to avoid blurring of image due to patient movement.

Alat_Cegah_Gerak_1a(a) Alat_Cegah_Gerak_1b(b)
Alat_Cegah_Gerak_1c(c) Alat_Cegah_Gerak_1d(d)

Table 1: (a) – (c) Sponges of various shapes,
(d) Patients positioned with the immobilisation devices

Alat_Cegah_Gerak_2a(a) Alat_Cegah_Gerak_2b(b)
Alat_Cegah_Gerak_2c(c) Alat_Cegah_Gerak_2d(d)

Table 2: (a), (b) Sand bags,
(c) Immobilisation devices for the infant chest x-ray examination,
(d) Immobilisation devices for the infant skull x-ray examination


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Last Review : 5 July 2017
Writer : Pushpa Thevi Rajendran
Accreditor : Daud bin Ismail