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I Am a Teenage Mum!

Teenage pregnancy and teen parenthood have been major social problems in the world in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Life as a teen can be very challenging.

That is the reality. You spend long hours in school and college. In addition you need to work hard in extracurricular activities.

All these can be overwhelming. Life is difficult enough. The worst news would be if you find out that you are pregnant! Teenage pregnancy happens almost always by accident/unplanned.

That would be catastrophic and devastating to you.

You may feel guilty, worried and even angry at the situation.

In such situation what you need is real advice. You need to know your options and how to plan for the new future.

First you need to tell the people who are affected by this news. The people who need to know are the baby’s dad and your parents.

  1. How and whom do you tell?

    You need to decide on whom you want to tell first. It depends on how well you know your boyfriend. You must know how receptive he would be.

    Hopefully, your parents first will give you some sound advice.

    However if you decide to tell the dad on your own, be prepared for anything. Your boyfriend might not take the news as you anticipate.

    His emotion may range from panic, happy, denial anger or he may even blame you. This is one of the most difficult situation in a teen pregnancy.

    However give him times to digest the news.

    Don’t rush and break the news over the phone or text message. Make certain you have a face to face meeting, call him and tell him you have something important to discuss.

    When you meet him, get right to point. Start out by saying something like “I have some important news. I’m pregnant and you are the father.”

    Do give him time to process the news and his emotions. Remember, it could be as difficult to him as it was to you.

  2. You may think. “Could I have prevented the pregnancy”?

    Most teen pregnancy prevention programme emphasises on the following strategies:

    • Good knowledge of sexual issues, HIV, other STDs, and pregnancy (including methods of prevention).

    • Personal values about sex and abstinence.

    • Individual ability to refuse sex and to use condoms.

    • Communication with parents or other adults about sex, condoms, and contraception.

    • Avoidance of places and situations that might lead to sex.

    Having informed your boyfriend and parents, you may have many other queries

  3. Should I quit schooling?

    It would be very tempting thing to do. You may think of quitting school and get a full time job.

    That would be a short term solution. You need to think about your future and many years to come.

    It is best that you make some adjustment to continue schooling during your pregnancy. You may want to speak to your school counselor.

  4. Prenatal Care for Teen Pregnancy

    All pregnant mothers should get prenatal care as scheduled. More so as you are a teenage mother where there is some slight increased risk of various complications.

    • You may go into early labour. Your baby might be born premature before 37 weeks.

    • Your baby may be born with low birth weight. Babies born to teenagers are more likely to weigh less

    • You have higher risk of developing high blood pressure.

    • You may suffer from anemia (low levels of iron in the blood)

  5. Do you have an option for adoption

    Some teens may consider giving away her baby for various reasons.

    Adoption could provide your baby with a stable family.

    However the decision to give away your child for adoption should be yours.

    No one should pressure you to give away your child.


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Last Reviewed : 18 June 2015
Writer : Dr. Thiyagar Nadarajaw
Translator : Dr. Thiyagar Nadarajaw
Accreditor : Dr. Nik Rubiah binti Nik Abdul Rashid