Putting on a scarf and look like an old lady….urg…I don’t want that!

Maybe that is what comes across an adolescent’s mind when thinking about the need to put on a tudung to fullfill the need to cover their ‘aurat’. Covering their aurat which means covering their bodies except their face and both hands is from the sight of others is a need for all muslimah who has matured or attained menarche. Covering aurat also means not revealing their body shape to others (non mahram).

Adolescent is a group of people who are always active and on the move and up to date especially in the way they dress. They know they have the responsibility to cover their aurat but at the same time they want to be trendy. So they decide to put on hijab instead. What is a hijab? Hijab is a word which means ‘tudung’ in arabic. So hijab and tudung has the same meaning!

“Hipster” is a name given to a person who always keep up with the trend and latest fashion especially trends and fashion which is not usual to the current culture. Hijabster can be defined as ladies who dressed up with fashion and up to date trend while at same time keeping the needs of covering the aurat as a Muslim is fulfilled.

Why Put On Hijab?

You must understand why you put on hijab.  Do you do it to fulfill the need as a muslimah or is it only to keep up with the trend and be accepted in your group. The fashion that you choose; is it really abiding to the actual understanding in covering your aurat? Discuss this with your parents or teachers. Having a clear understanding and knowing why you do things the way you do can give you an inner peace.

If I Put on a Hijab Does it Mean I am a Hijabster?

No. It does not automatically means you are a hijabster. A hijabster put on hijab and dress up to date and follow the latest fashion with a flair and with a certain attitude towards the outfit.

Can I still be active putting on a hijab?

Hijabster dress in a way where they can still be active in their daily activities including getting involved with sports and outdoor activities. Use a correct material and fashion and you will be comfortable at whatever you do.

What are the other Benefits if I put on hijab?

Besides fulfilling the need as a muslimah, you will also:

  1. Be able to keep your hair clean and healthy from dusts, direct sunlight and extreme cold
  2. Be more confident since you are always more organized and neat
  3. Feel safer and less likely to be a victim of sexual harassment. However always be careful and be safe wherever you may be.
  4. Have a chance to be involved in small business as many adolescent has started to venture in this area.

Will There Be Problem?

Being a hijabster may put you under pressure trying to keep up to date with the trend and latest fashion. Getting them also may incur a lot of cost. You will have to make a good decision to avoid this.

The health of your hair and scalp are important. You may get scalp infection, dandruff, head lice or your hair may smell unpleasant if you do not keep your scarf (the inner tudung) clean and change every day. Always keep your hair dry before putting on hijab to avoid unpleasant smell.

Are you allergy to nickel?. The pins that most people use has nickel and you may develop skin reaction when in contact with it if you are allergic to it. If this happens, see a doctor for and an advice or treatment.

What if people comment on the way I put on my hijab? Is it wrong to have a hijabster idol?

It is not your responsibility to satisfy everybody. Choose a hijab that you like and feel comfortable with and be happy with it. You may have your own idol such as Yuna, Naelofa or even in your own group of friends in hijabster. It is not wrong to follow your idol as long as you know your limit and do not get stressful to keep up with it. Always remember you are free to choose and decide what you want. Be yourself and be satisfied and happy with what you choose. Remember you are special in your own way.


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Last Reviewed : 28 August 2020
Writer : Dr. Salmah Bt. Nordin 
Accreditor : Dr. Norizzaty Bukhary Bt. Ismail Bukhary
Reviewer : Dr. Nazhatussima bt. Suhaili