High Myopia

Myopia is an eye condition where image can be seen clearly at near but blur at distance or in other words, people with myopia or nearsightedness have difficulty seeing distant objects but can clearly see objects that are near. Myopia or nearsightedness affects a significant number of people. But this eye disorder is easily corrected with spectacles, contact lenses or surgery.

What Causes Myopia?

This condition happened because in myopic people, the eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature, so the light entering the eye is not focus correctly. Image is reflected or focus in front of the retina, the light sensitive part of the eye, rather than directly on the retina, causing blurred vision.
Asian countries have high prevalence of myopia, as high as 70 -90%.

Myopia can be simple or pathological and high myopia usually defined as myopic power of more than minus 6 diopter (>-6.00D). High myopia often encounters complication such as retinal tear which can lead to retinal detachment. This is because the longer the eyeball, the retina is more at risk of being stretched, particularly at peripheral area.

How Is Myopia Diagnosed?

Myopia can be easily diagnosed using standard eye exams given by an eye doctor

Symptoms And Signs Of Myopia

Myopic individual complains blurring of vision at distance, while seeing clearly at near. Floater can also be a problem in the early stage if without other complications. When retinal detachment occurs, it will compromise the visual field, described as something blocking the view.

A complete dilated eye examination after refraction test is mandatory for all myopes especially those with eye symptoms. Retinal appearance and its degenerative conditions will further confirm the myopia.

How Is Myopia Treated?

Myopia can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. For individuals who want to be spectacles-free, refractive surgery for example LASIK is an option. Another option is a clear lens extraction.  This can be offered to individual with very high myopic power. Myopia with a complication of retinal detachment has to undergo retinal repair surgery.

Can Myopia Be Avoided?

Myopia usually runs in the family. If our parents wear glasses, most of the children will wear glasses one day. Premature babies have high tendencies to develop myopia. However studies showed that children who spend more time indoors will develop myopia early in life. They tend to confine themselves with near work when being in the house. An individual who spends his time outdoors has good visual stimuli. Seeing green surroundings helps him to be less myopic.


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Last Reviewed : 23 August 2019
Writer : Dr. Zairah bt. Zainal Abidin
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