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Hepatitis A

What is Hepatitis A?

This acute disease of the liver can cause symptoms like fever, feeling-like vomiting (nausea) to a very severe liver damage and failure (hepatitis).

What causes Hepatitis A?

This is one of the viruses causing liver infection (hepatitis) and it is spread by the faecal oral route.

What is the vaccine and how is it given?

The vaccine contains killed hepatitis virus and it is given by injection into the muscle. There are a few formulations available for children including one in combination with hepatitis B.

It can be given to children who are 12 months old, with the second dose given 6 months later.

Who should receive the vaccine?

Vaccination can be used to prevent Hepatitis A infection in high risk group.

The following children are recommended to receive Hepatitis A vaccination:

  1. Anyone travelling to areas of moderate to high risk (Indian subcontinent, the Far East, Eastern Europe) for the long term and particularly where the environment is dirty and low level of awareness of food hygiene.
  2. Patient with chronic liver disease / haemophilia.
Last reviewed : 25 April 2012
Content Writer : Dato’ Dr. Jimmy Lee Kok Foo
Reviewer : Dr. Ranjini S. Sivanesom