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Health Service for Adolescent

This service is available in all government health clinics for individuals 10-19 years old in accordance with the National Youth Health Policy that emphasizes the well-being of adolescents’ overall physical, social, mental and spiritual attributes.

  • When did the service start?

    The Adolescent Health Service started in 1996 under the expanded scope of the Family Health Development Program

  • The purpose of the service

    The purpose of the service is to develop and strengthen health services for young people, in line with the goals, objectives and strategies set out in the National Youth Health Policy.

  • What are the types of services provided?

    • Health Education and Health Promotion

    • Screening and Health Risk Assessment

    • Advice and Counseling Service

    • Treatment and referral if necessary

  • Other optional activities conducted

    • Group physical fitness activities

    • Nutritional counseling

    • Group counseling / family counseling

    • Promotion of adolescent health such as health fairs, wellness seminars and health camps

    • Youth clubs such as PROSTAR

  • What is the scope of services provided?

    • Physical Health – acne, rashes, migraine, asthma and others

    • Healthy eating – obesity, underweight, anemia and others

    • Mental health – stress, depression, family problems, anorexia, bulimia and others

    • Behavioral Health – smoking, alcohol, bullying and others

    • Sexual and Reproductive Health – dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and others

  • Who are eligible for this service?
    All individuals aged 10-19 years:

    • Still in school

    • Has finished school

    • Still in college / tertiary institutions

    • Has started working

  • Where is the service provided?

    • In all government health clinics – Adolescent Health Service

    • In Schools – School Health Service

1. All information given by the adolescent is confidential and will not be divulged to anyone, except in the following situations:

* When the individual is endangering himself/herself
* When the individual is endangering others
* When others are potentially able to endanger the individual concerned

2. The health services provided are comprehensive
3. The health staff are trained and are willing to help


Last Reviewer : 8 Oktober 2014
Writer : Dr. Nik Rubiah bt. Nik Abd. Rashid
Translator : Mr. Varuges VM Abraham
Accreditor : Dr. Fauziah bte. Zainal Ehsan