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What Happens When You Commit A Crime

Being a teenager you are considered a child as per Child Act 2001(Child Act 2001). As a child, if you have commit a crime the court will decide on your sentence or placement depends on the offence. The consequence is the court might decide that you need rehabilitation. 

How To Get In?
Once the court has decided on rehabilitation they will suggest to your parent/guardian to write an application to Children Court. Upon receiving the application, the court will order an investigation to be carried out by the child protector. The child protector is required to present the report on the whole situation. Eventually you have to be present in court with your parent/guardian accompanied by child protector.

Why you need to be in the center?

  1. To prevent you from committing other crime 
  2. To stop any behavior that potentially lead to immoral behavior or endanger your life 

What will happen to you?
Court will decide on either:

  1. Placement under JKM custody for  a certain period from 1 year to 3 years, or
  2. Decide your stay for less than 1 year in ‘Asrama Akhlak’

During your stay in “Asrama Akhlak” you will be under observation. If at any time you commit another offence, you can be sent to “Sekolah Tunas Bakti” for a period of 1 year to 3 years.

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What happen after you complete your sentence?

After completing your sentence, you can go back to your family. However, you are still under observation for another year. During this probation period if you commit another crime you can be send back to the institution.

Last Reviewed : 25 June 2018
Writer : Dr. Siti Aishah Bt. Saidin
Accreditor : Dr. Rozimah Bt. Abdul Latiff