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Guidance On Choosing Clean And Hygenic Food Premises

Choosing a safe, clean and hygienic food premises is important to avoid food poisoning. If you are going out to have your meals, do ensure food safety and choose the following types of food premises:

  • Food premises that is clean, away from vehicle fumes, landfills, clogged drain or septic tanks;

  • Food premises that is equipped with basic amenities such as clean and safe water supply, good air circulation and lighting, good drainage system and covered waste disposals;

  • Food premises that have clean and proper facilities such as clean tables and sink/basin for hand washing;

  • Food premises that is free from insects, rodents and other pests;

  • Food premises that serve food and drinks in containers which are appropriate, clean and covered.

Food handler is a person who is involved from the beginning of food preparation until the food is being served to the consumer. Safe, clean and hygienic food handling is very important to avoid food poisoning. Food safety assurance can only be achieved from a clean food premises and a hygienic food handler.

Choose food handlers who are clean and hygienic with the following criteria:

  • Practise good personal hygiene, wear apron and head cover;

  • Maintain short and neat hair and nails;

  • Wear clean and appropriate apron and head cover when handling foods;

  • Wash and sanitise their hands after using the washroom, before preparing food and after handling raw foods such as poultry, meat, seafood etc;

  • Use tongs, spoon or fork when serving food;

  • Cover all cooked foods;

  • Use designated towels for wiping hands, tables and dishes;

  • Do not wear accessories such as bracelets, rings or watches;

  • Do not smoke, chew betel leaves, eat or drink when handling foods;

  • Do not sneeze, cough, scratch or spit;

  • Do not use fingers when tasting foods;

  • Do not touch foods when serving them;

  • Maintain clean environment inside and outside the premises.

Last reviewed : 3 April 2014
Writer : Pn. Norrani binti Eksan
Reviewer : Pn. Norrani binti Eksan