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How to Go to a Concert if You Are a Teenager

Your favorite band is coming to town and you want to go! Behaving yourself at a rock show can be very important to your enjoyment of the event, and the safety of yourself and others.

This guide will help you from asking for parental consent to leaving the concert!

  1. Talk to your parents.Let them know that the band is coming and you are interested. Chances are your parents aren’t going to pay for your ticket so you are going to need to save up money

It’s important that you know the ground rules before leaving the house. Go over a quick rundown of what is expected of you, the type of dancing that is appropriate and how often you need to check in with your parents.

How to Go to a Concert if You Are a TeenagerCheck the age limit. The first thing you should do is to check wether there is an age limit.

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Find out the details of the concert.  Find out how much tickets are going to cost, where it is going to be sold, the concert location, and time.

  1. Find a way to buy your ticket.Ask your parents for a loan if you don’t have any money. Tell them you will pay them back with interest. If they say no, find another source of money. Mow lawns, babysit, work part time, save your pocket money etc.
  1. If you have friends that like the band, ask them if they would want to come too.Post on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. that you are going to the concert and maybe someone else wants to go to. Concerts are always more fun in groups.

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  1. Buy your tickets soon as they go on sale.You have a better chance of getting better seats for your price range.
  1. Keep dressing up simple.Up to date comfortable t-shirt styles are always great, team it with denim shorts/jeans and sneaker style shoes. Do not wear, heels, jewelleries or expensive watches.

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  1. Do not bring along any nice digital camera or any digital / phone gadgets.
  1. Go to the concert!You need a ride. Talk to your parents about giving you a ride. If the concert is in a large city, traffic will be bad most likely. If your parents can’t give you a ride, talk to parents of friends who are going, family, older siblings, etc. You can always take the bus, the LRT or monorail too.

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  1. If you are planning on buying a T-shirt, do it soon as you get past the gate if you have time before the concert starts.If not, go buy it during a song that you don’t mind missing. 
  1. Always stay in groups of 2 at least.Concerts are very crowded. There will always be smokers, druggies, crazies, and drunks. If you are by one of these people and are uncomfortable, talk to security and explain the situation. Most of the time they will understand and move you.

Do understand that the people who work at the venue are there to take care of out-of-control situations. Call your parents and inform them. They are your safety net

  1. Be careful when leaving.The concert has ended and it’s time to leave. This is a very dangerous time. Lots of people trying to go to one place. It is like a stampede. It and very easy to fall and get hurt.

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  1. Make sure everyone has their cell phones or is with someone who has one. Make a plan. .
  1. Schedule a pickup time and a specific place – with your parents if possible. Make a plan when and where you are supposed to meet after the concert. Call ahead whoever is picking you up at the venue. If anyone gets separated from the group, then they know where to go.


  • Tell your parents your plan so they know.
  • Carry your cell phone with you at all times.
  • Have RM 20 in EMERGENCY ONLY money with you just in case.
  • Don’t ever go to a concert alone if you are under 18. Some venues won’t even allow minors in alone.
  • Stay hydrated! It is crucial, don’t be someone who ruined the night because they got dehydrated and passed out.
  • Look after your friends, make a meeting place in case people get split up and don’t rely on mobile phones, they won’t always have reception.


  • Crowds can get very crazy and will do anything to get the attention of the entertainer. Be careful.
  • If you see anyone smoking or performing illegal activities, tell security immediately. It’s not ‘snitching,’ it is keeping you and the others around you safe.
  • Teens should watch out for drunk adults. When people are drunk they do senseless things, and so its best to stay away from them. If someone who is drunk does something bad, or pass out or anything like that tell a sober adult, whether it be another person at the concert or a security guard.
  • Its better to go to a concert with a friend. DON’T GO ALONE, and try to stay together, if someone starts harassing, say something! They have security guards, and they will take care of you. They are there to handle these kinds of things.
  • When driving home from a concert be careful. It’s a good idea to have someone with you and avoid using back roads. Have a charged phone to use in case of emergency. It’s also good to have something for protection in your car such as a baseball bat, pepper spray, etc. Make sure your parents know you have the weapon.
  • White T-shirts are not good. At a concert people sweat! And there is nothing more embarrassing then sweat marks.

Things You’ll Need

  • Money
  • Wallet/Purse
  • Cell Phone
  • Ticket
  • Someone to go with
  • Basic t-shirts/tank tops/singlets, Denim shorts/jeans
  • Sneaker style shoes
  • Appropriate accessories; less is more, don’t go over the top


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