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Question 1

What is the “Ask The Expert” service?

Answer 1

  1. This service is for information only, it is not intended to replace professional medical evaluation.
  2. This is not a referral service. We will not recommend any health facility or specific health care facility..

    Ask The Experts Service


Question 2

How to get health statistics?

Answer 2

Any application for health-related statistics has to comply with Director General of Health Malaysia’s Circular No.5 of 1992 on the Provision of Information and Data from the Ministry of Health.

For further inquiries, please contac :

Deputy Director,
Centre for Health Informatics,
Planning and Development Division,
Level 6, Block E 7, Complex E,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62590, Putrajaya.

Tel : 03-8883 3128/29
Fax: 03-8883 3169


Question 3

How do I get information on a career in health?

Answer 3

You can visit the website:


Question 4

How can suggestions or comments on hospitals, clinics and services in the Ministry of Health Malaysia be made?

Answer 4

  • Suggestions, comments or even complaints can be made directly through the suggestion box/feedback to the health facilities or to meet directly with the relevant officers of the said health facilities.
  • Complain online at e-Complaints of the Ministry of Health’s Portal: www.moh.gov.my


Question 5

Can an expert in the “Ask The Expert” service act as a second opinion (2nd opinion) in my medical problems?

Answer 5

No. A second opinion can only be obtained from the treating specialist.


Question 6

Can one get a letter of referral from “Ask The Expert” services?

Answer 6

No. Letters of referral can be obtained from health facilities where you are treated.


Question 7

Can the “Ask The Expert” service recommend any government, private specialists or any private hospitals for me?

Answer 7

No. You are advised to obtain further information from the health facility where you get your treatment.


Question 8

How to get expert treatment in government health care facility?

Answer 8

You must obtain a letter of referral from a medical officer in government or private health clinic before seeking an appointment for treatment from the relevant specialist.


Question 9

What are the documents that need to be brought in for treatment or admission for the purpose of exemption of payment?

Answer 9

  • For civil servants and their dependants, please bring along your letter from the employer (GL).
  • For pensioners, please bring along your pension card.
  • For the physically challenged, please bring along the Social Welfare or Disability Card.
  • For school / universities students, please bring along a letter from the school / institution.


Question 10

What services provided at the 1Malaysia clinics?

Answer 10

  1. Light treatment services for cough, fever, flu and other minor ailments;
  2. Light treatment procedures such as cleaning wounds and opening of sutures;
  3. Simple laboratory testing (point of care test) such as the test for sugar in capillary blood and urine test using urine dipstick;
  4. Make notification of infectious diseases such as dengue fever;
  5. Stabilize patients before referring to a nearby hospital for emergency cases and
  6. Provide advisory services and health promotion to patients.

Last Reviewed: 30 January 2012

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