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Free anti-smoking clinic aims to kick more butts

New Straits Times

Wednesday, 29/06/2011

Free anti-smoking clinic aims to kick more butts

KUALA LUMPUR: Hospital Kuala Lumpur is opting for a more aggressive approach to promote its quit- smoking clinic.

After five years of getting lukewarm response from the public, its teams are going down to the ground to meet and encourage smokers to kick the habit.

Hospital Kuala Lumpur deputy director 1 (medical) Dr Lailanor Ibrahim said the free clinic was set up at all government hospitals and had many success stories in helping patients.

He said the teams would visit government departments, schools, malls and places of worships to attract more patients.

"We want to educate not only smokers but the public of the dangers of passive smoking as they are at risk of developing heart disease and lower respiratory infections.

"Spouses of smokers are also at risk of developing lung cancer, infertility, miscarriages and early menopause," he said yesterday at the World No-Tobacco Day, themed "Express Your Rights, Say No To Cigarette Smoke".

He said the clinic offered counselling, medication and nicotine-replacement therapy.

Nicotine-replacement therapy replaces a small amount of nicotine that the body craves to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Smokers who want to quit can visit clinics or government hospitals or call the quit-smoking helpline at 03-88834400.


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