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Fashion Appropriate For Teens

One of adolescent favorite activities is to keep updated with outside world in almost everything including what they wear. However it is important to use suitable appropriate fashions. What does suitable and appropriate fashion means? Latest trend fashion may not mean it is the fashion for you. There are a few things you may want to consider which includes:

  1. Your religion requirement
    • Muslims must take into consideration the ‘aurat’ they need to cover for both boys and girls. The myth is you cannot keep up with the latest trend and at the same time cover your ‘aurat’. This is definitely not so. What you need to remember as a muslim, there are certain part of your body you will need to cover because it is the most beautiful part of you and doing so may prevent some unwanted events.
    • You can still wear jeans with a t-shirt as u wish and if you put on a cardigan to it will ensure your body shape is less revealing. A bermuda ( three quarter pants) for guys are nice to put on when going out and still covering the aurat. However this may not be suitable for a formal function.

    Your religion requirement1

  2. Leather clothing
    • Leather clothing is available in pants, skirts, jackets dresses and etc. Some of these leather clothing may make you look sexier like the leather skinny jeans and this may not be suitable for you. Wearing a leather jacket to your tuition class may not be appropriate. However you can go out and put on leather vest over a cotton blouse and still look cool and trendy. Other leather products like leather belt or boots may also be appropriate.
    • Leather clothing is expensive and it usually last longer.
  3. The material and weather
    • A Sheer blouse alone may not be appropriate. But a sheer blouse with a cardigan to match with skirts or jeans will look just as charming
    • Choose material which absorbs sweat easily in hot environment and put on a trendy sweater if it is cold.
  4. Does it reveals your body shape too much?
    • Some clothing from various fabrics or leather tends to make you look bustier. A cardigan or a long hijab may save the situation
  5. Are you comfortable in it?
    • You may feel pressured by your friends to wear certain fashion. Go ahead if you are comfortable in it. You must remember you are free to choose what you like.
  6. Can you or your parents afford it?
    • Latest in the rack is usually the most expensive. You may not be able to afford this and even if you have the money it may not be your priority. Don’t feel bad. Good friends are friends who accept you for what you are and not what you think they want you to be
  7. Does it suit your age?
    • Some fashion makes you look older or younger. If you dress like an adult, you may be a victim of sexual abuse likewise if you look much younger, you may be treated like a child and you will not like that.
  8. The occasion or situation you want to wear it for.
    • Some occasion has guideline of how to dress for it. It is important to adhere to this.
    • Some fashion are not appropriate or suitable for some functions. For example you should not put on skirts or shorts attending a Malay or muslim function or ceremony.
  9. What you need to hide or show.
    • You may be too thin or fat. Some clothing with horizontal lines or pattern will make you look fatter. Similarly vertical lines will make you look less fat or too thin.

Enjoy in keeping up with the latest trend but still be yourself and safe.


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Last Reviewed :  28 August 2020
Writer : Dr. Salmah bt. Nordin
Accreditor : Dr. Nik Rubiah bt. NIk Andul Rashid
Reviewer : Dr. Nazhatussima bt. Suhaili