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Family Support Group


Family Support Group is a group formed to provide ongoing support for parents, caregivers and family members of patients. Family support group is one of the medium for parents, guardians and family members to meet with each other to share opinions and experiences in helping the intervention process of the patient.

Who is Involved

Family support group includes:

  • Advisor / Facilitator (Professional or parents)
  • Parents
  • Registered guardian
  • Family members (eg: sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother)

Formation of a Family Support Group

Forming of family support group need a good planning to ensure the group is successfully formed and active in conducting or organising activities related to support group.

Here are some advice and tips to start a family support group:

  1. Identify the targeted group (example: parents/ carers/ family members of children with autism, hearing impairment or cerebral palsy)
  2. To appoint advisors/ facilitators to help formulate and establish the family support group that have been identified.
  3. Identify the parent/ guardian/ family members of patients who are suitable to join the family support group.
  4. To elect the committee members which includes parents/ guardians / family members of patients.
  5. Advisors/ facilitators must provide guidance to the committee in organising or conducting any activities related to family support group such as group therapy, family day and parent courses.
  6. The committee should monitor all activities involving family support group to ensure the group is always active.

Importance of Family Support Group

Family support group is important to:

  • Improve the acceptance and readiness of change all patient to client
  • Parent/ guardian and family members in helping the patient.
  • As a medium for patient/ parent/ guardian/ family members to share experiences coping with the similar issues.
  • Help provide support in all areas for patient/ parent/ guardian and family members who are in need.
  • Help patient and family members cope or adapt to the community / society

Example of Family Support Group

Hospital Sungai Buloh is one of the referral hospitals for cases of hearing impairment. Therefore, the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology Unit and Speech Therapy Unit of Hospital Sungai Buloh has established a family support group for parents/ guardians of children with hearing impairment.

The support group consists of parents/ guardians of children with hearing impairment. Otorhinolaryngology specialists, Audiologists and Speech-Language Therapists act as advisors and facilitators in the group.

Several activities have been successfully carried out with the cooperation of the hospital as well as the family support group, including:

  • Group therapy
  • Hari Raya Celebration
  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Motivational Talks
  • Parent/ Guardian Courses

The formation of the Family Support Group for Parents/ Guardians of Children with Hearing Impairment in this hospital has received positive feedback from the parents/ guardians. Parents/ Guardians entirely satisfied with the establishment of the family support group and looking forward to more activities that will be conducted in the future. This is to ensure the family support group’s mission which is to help more parents / caregivers / family members who are in need is fulfilled.


Last Reviewed : 09 October 2016
Writer / Translator : Rozila bt. Sumardi
Accreditor : Nadwah bt. Onwi