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Electronic Smoking

Electronic smoking has become an increasing trend which also happens amongst the adolescents. Many smokers are using this to quit smoking and for many other various reasons. However, how much do we know about smoking this e-cigarette? How does it look like? The e-cigarette initially looks like the actual cigarette which glows when smoked. Nowadays you can    get various types of E-cigarettes Electronic Smoking

How does it work? Irrespective of how it looks like, the e-cigarette has the same basic function. E-Cigarette is a device which is battery operated. It has a heating element called the atomizer and a cartridge containing the e-liquid. The heating elements will heat up the liquid producing vapour. The person using this will inhale and puff out a cloud which looks like smoke which is actually vapour. What is E liquid E-cigarette is tobacco free and smoke free but it is not nicotine free. E-liquid in the cartridge contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), variable concentration of nicotine and flavourings. Nicotine is a drug extracted from tobacco or synthetic nicotine; the same drug present in the traditional cigarette. However there is some e-liquid which may not contain nicotine. Why do adolescent use E-cigarette? E-cigarette is commonly used to quit smoking or cut down the smoking habit. Adolescents may have the same reasons to using it. However some adolescents use e-cigarette to follow the latest trend or to blend in his peer groups who smokes. Is Electronic smoking safe? What are the risks and benefits using electronic cigarette?

  • The gadgets in e-cigarettes contain a heating element which means there is always a small risk of burn or small explosion. It has been reported that most of the time the explosion and fire occurs while the battery is charging and there are incidence that it occurs while being used!
  • Traditional cigarette contains 7000 chemicals including nicotine and 69 of these chemicals are carcinogens. Carcinogens mean these chemicals have the potential to cause cancer. The e-cigarettes contain lesser chemicals. In theory, e-cigarette is a good substitute to the traditional cigarette. However it does not get the FDA approval for its use. There are not enough long term studies to support its safety. Some cartridges may contain different concentration of nicotine than what is labelled. Di-ethylene glycol has also been found in the e-liquid and this chemical is a toxic material to the body.
  • The myth in electronic smoking is one do not get addicted to smoking using electronic cigarette. The chemicals in the e-cigarette also include nicotine at variable concentrations. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Therefore a non-smoker using e-cigarette may get addicted and ends up a tobacco based cigarette smoker which is definitely an unwanted risk.
  • The other danger and risk in e-cigarette is the liquid nicotine. Not only it causes problem when inhaled, it can be fatal if ingested although in small amount.
  • In traditional cigarette smoking second hand smoker is also an issue where the person exposed to smokes from a cigarette smoker is also at risk of all the potential health risks including lung cancer. However in e-cigarette the vapour looks like smoke but in fact it is not. It also is commented to have the smell like an air freshener.

Adolescents are known for their curiosity. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are smoking and wants to quit or if you are thinking about e-smoking, consult your doctors or get enough information before doing so.


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Last Reviewed : 24 Nov 2014
Writer : Dr. Salmah binti Nordin
Accreditor : Lt. Kol. Dr. Ridzuan bin Azmi