Eating Out

What should you do when eating out?

  • Choose clean premises.
  • Choose healthy and safe foods.

What are clean premises?

They are premises that:

  • Are located away from dirty and dusty places and free from flies, cockroaches, rats and stray animals.
  • Have basic facilities such as clean water supply, electricity, proper drainage, dustbins and washrooms.
  • Have good ventilation and are well lit.
  • Use proper and clean eating utensils.
  • Employ food handlers who practise good hygiene.
  • Cover all cooked foods and use tongs and ladle when serving food.

How to choose safe foods?

  • Avoid contaminated foods that contain foreign objects such as hair, nail, sand and stone.
  • Choose foods that have not been changed in taste, smell and appearance.
  • Choose fresh and newly cooked foods.
  • Avoid taking burnt foods eg. burnt ‘satay’.
  • Ensure canned or packed foods are in good condition.
  • Limit intake of foods high in preservatives and artificial colouring.
  • Avoid foods that have been refried several times.

How to choose healthy foods when eating out?

  • Choose a balanced diet according to the Malaysian Food Pyramid.
  • Do not over order. Consume foods in small serving sizes based on your Recomended Nutrient Intake.
  • Ask for less sugar beverages.
  • Do not add extra/hidden salt such as sauces on the table.
  • Order fresh fruit juices instead of soft drinks.
  • Ask for extra vegetables with noodles, rice or steaks.
  • Ask for salad instead of french fries when ordering fast foods.
  • Round off your meals with a fresh fruit salad.
  • Top up dessert with fresh fruit pieces.
Last reviewed : 19 April 2012
Writer : Surainee bt. Wahab
Munawara bt. Pardi
Jamilah bt. Ahmad
Azlinda bt. Hamid
Reviewer : Pn. Rokiah binti Don