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Diabetes Diet During Fasting

Fasting during Ramadan, a holy month of Islam is an obligatory duty for all Muslim adults. Fasting is safe for diabetic patients with controlled blood sugar level. Do consult your Doctor or Dietitian before beginning your fast.

Eating guide :

  1. Early in breaking fast.
  2. Eating sahur before fasting is necessary. Ensure to take a balanced meal that includes all food groups in the recommended portions and the right amount of carbohydrate exchanges.
  3. Avoid foods with high sugar content during breaking fast.
  4. Include a snack for supper (after tarawih).
  5. Drink sufficient amount of fluid. Aim for 8 glasses of plain water daily.
  6. Limit foods which are high in cholesterol or fat during breaking fast or sahur.
  7. Limit intake of food high in salt as to reduce risk of dehydration.
  8. Take your medicine or insulin regime according to the doctor’s instruction.

Sample menu during fasting :

Meal time
Meal time
Example of Menu
Breakfast Break fast (7:30pm) 1 whole apple/ 2 pieces of dates
+ 1 piece of unsweetened kuih
+ 1 glass milk (preferably low fat / skim milk)
Lunch After maghrib prayer (8:00 pm) 1 ½ cups of rice/ mee/ meehoon
+ 1 piece of chicken/fish
+ 1 cup green leafy vegetables
+ 1 whole orange
+ Plain water
Afternoon tea After tarawih prayer/supper
1 piece unsweetened kuih/
3 slices of cream crackers/
1 slice bread
+ 1 glass milk (low fat / skim milk)
Dinner Sahur (5:00 am) 1 ½ cup of rice/ mee/ meehoon
+ 1 piece of chicken/fish
+ 1 cup green leafy vegetables
+ 1 slice papaya
+ Plain water


Last Reviewed : 4 April 2014
Writer : Nora Nurlinda binti Zakaria
Reviewer : Pn. Nurul Huda binti Ibrahim