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Decision Making

What is decision making?

Decision making is making a choice in achieving a goal

  • Making the best choices consistently is the key to success in life
  • Making decisions can be tough, so avoiding decisions may seem easier at times
  • Making your own decisions is the only way to take charge of your life
  • No one makes the right decision every time, but by developing your decision-making skills, you can increase your success rate!
  • Being a teenager you will need to make many decisions
  • Decisions are usually fluency by your beliefs, your family, your friends and your environment

What is good decision making?

  • Making a good decision requires patience and careful thought
  • Good decision making is Problem solving following a step-by-step approach and choosing a strategy to act on
  • Having good general decision-making skills can help you to protect yourself in many situations

How to make a good decision?

  • Selecting the most important changes to make
  • Evaluating the relative importance of different options
  • Selecting between good options
  • Choosing between options by projecting likely outcomes
  • Weighing the pros and cons of a decision
  • Analyzing the pressures for and against change
  • Looking at a decision from all points of view
  • Seeing whether a change is worth making


What influences your decision making?

Individual Emotions and Thinking

  • Your decisions may be influenced by your emotional state at the time a decision is made
  • Your emotions affect how you think and behave
  • When you are experiencing positive emotions, you tend to underestimate the negative consequences of your actions
  • When you are experiencing negative emotions, you tend to focus on the near term and lose sight of the big picture
  • Different people have different styles of making decisions
    • You may prefer to gather information before making decisions
    • You may rely on instincts and make snap decisions
    • You may be inconsistent in your strategies and often indecisive


  • Social pressure or time constraints may interfere with your decision making
  • Your decision making may be different from adults


  • Your friends and other peers can influence your decision making
  • You can make good or bad decisions based on your friends’ ideas
  • It is important to understand that the decisions that you make in selecting friends and the role of your friends influence your attitudes and behaviors


  • Your decision making alone may not be effective without involving the community and neighborhood


  • Your thoughts and behaviors in decision making may be influenced by the media


Last reviewed : 27 April 2012
Content Writer : Hjh. Normah bt. Che Din
Reviewer : Dr. Alvin Ng. Lai Oon