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Sexual Health

Premarital Sex

Introduction Adolescent’s sexual behaviors begin at different ages according to their cultural and social values. Studies in different parts of the world show that premarital sexual encounters are generally unplanned. Who are at risk? Alcohol and drug user. Having a special boyfriend or girlfriend. Poor school attendance. A history of …

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What is contraception? Prevention of pregnancy using methods of birth control (contraceptive methods). Facts on contraception Most users wish to use methods which are comfortable, affordable and effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Contraceptive usage in the local context is widely discussed and available among married couples. Information …

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What is rape? Rape is sexual assault by a male in which the penis of the assailant is introduced into the vagina or anus of a non consenting victim of any age by threat or force.   What is date rape? This is rape committed when the assailant and the …

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What is incest? Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Examples: Between teenager and their parents, siblings, uncles, auntie and grandparents etc. Incest is now recognized as a common type of sexual abuse. It is …

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Sexual Abuse

What is sexual abuse? Sexual abuse is when a child or teenager is being used for sexual gratification. Most of the time the children and teenagers do not fully understand and are unable to give informed consent. This often occurs in the context of misuse of power, trust and responsibility …

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WHAT TEENAGERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PORNOGRAPHY Introduction The term “pornography” comes from “porneia”, the Greek word for prostitute, and means “the writings of and about prostitutes”.   What is pornography? Pornography is defined as written or visual material that stimulates sexual feelings, and the primary purpose of which is …

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Breaking Up

How will you know when you should break up? When your are in an abusive or unhealthy relationship. When you find yourself feeling more unhappy than happy being with your partner. Working out whether to stay or break up can be a hard decision. Talking to someone you trust can …

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What is relationship? Relationship is a social association or connection between two or more people. Stages of relationship Relationship starts with attraction and may move forward in two different ways i.e. self centered lust and mutual love. Self centered lust involves infatuation, physical attraction and usually ends up with a …

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