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Risk Taking Behaviour


What is gangsterism? It is inappropriate destructive behavior by a group of people.   What types of activities gangsters usually involve in? Gangsters often: Demonstrate aggressive behaviors Commit robbery Pickpocket Participate in illegal motor-racing Commit car theft Get involved in drug pushing Consume alcohol Indulge in free sex What causes …

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Apakah itu “gengsterisme”? “Gengsterisme” ialah kelakuan yang memusnahkan/merosakkan yang dilakukan secara berkumpulan.   Apakah jenis aktiviti yang selalunya melibatkan ‘gengster’? ‘Gengster’ sering: Mempamerkan tingkah laku yang agresif Merompak Menyeluk poket Terlibat dalam lumba haram Mencuri kereta Mengedar dadah Minum arak Terlibat dalam seks rambang Mengugut peniaga-peniaga kecil untuk memberi wang …

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What is ecstasy? Ecstasy Is an illegal synthetic drug. Has a similar effect to hallucinogens and stimulants. Is often used at all-night dance clubs or discos. Is also called a “club drug”, “love drug” and “dance drug”. Has the ability to cause addiction.   How does ecstasy affect your body? …

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Drug Abuse Issues

What is Drug Abuse? Drug abuse or substance abuse involves repeated and excessive use of drugs, usually to achieve a euphoric feeling or a “high” and to escape reality. Drug abuse or substance abuse involves maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to disturbance in fulfilling major roles in daily life. …

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Drug Abuse

What are drugs? Drugs are substances that change the way your body functions. Examples are antibiotics and pain killers which are usually taken under medical advice. Some drugs called psychoactive drugs alter the emotions or mental state. These include : Alcohol and tobacco. Sleeping tablets. Cannabis. Glues. Ecstasy. LSD. Heroin. …

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Effects of Smoking

How does smoking affect your body? There are both short term or long term effects. The chemicals released by the cigarette smoke will damage various organs in the body. What are the short term effects? Brain Increase in carbon monoxide and reduced oxygen may lead to sub-optimal brain functioning. Ears …

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