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Looking Good


Shaving is the removal of hair by using a razor or any other kind of bladeto slice it down to the level of the skin. Shaving is most commonly practiced by men to remove their facial hair and by women to remove their leg and underarm hair. Both men and women sometimes shave their chest …

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Hijab And Hair Hygiene

Anna comes to the clinic complaining that her hair falls. She feels her hair has thin out. She is worried if she may have cancer which causes her hair to fall. Sure enough when the doctor asked her to remove her hijab for examination, she noted that Anna has dandruff …

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Fashion Appropriate For Teens

One of adolescent favorite activities is to keep updated with outside world in almost everything including what they wear. However it is important to use suitable appropriate fashions. What does suitable and appropriate fashion means? Latest trend fashion may not mean it is the fashion for you. There are a …

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Usage of Bleaching Agents Fair at a Price

The current generation is obsessed with the idea that fair is beautiful and handsome. More and more people are using skin whitening products to get a shade lighter on the skin shade barometer. Skin Bleaching (Photo Credit: Beauty-healthcare.blogspot) Skin bleaching, skin lightening, and skin whitening refer to the practice of using chemical substances …

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Adolescents & Cosmetics

If you are a teen (or even new to wearing make-up), you are probably wondering what you  should buy and where to begin.  Market research shows that adolescents are using personal care product including cosmetics, make up and hair care for  a variety of purposes : As a means of …

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I Am Too Fat!

Over the past 20 years, clinical obesity among adolescents has skyrocketed all over the world and it is considered an epidemic. Definition Obesity means having too much body fat. A BMI at or above the “95th percentile” line on the chart is considered in the obese range. A BMI number …

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