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Common Condition


Introduction Your spine, or backbone, helps hold your body upright. Everybody’s spine has natural curves. A certain amount of curvature is necessary for people to balance, move, and walk properly.   What is scoliosis? It is a condition that causes the spine to curve too much in the wrong direction. …

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What is pneumothorax? Pneumothorax is a collection of air or gas in the cavity between the lung and the chest wall because there is a leak in the framework of the chest and lung (pleural space) or the lung itself. This will cause the lungs to shrink. What are the …

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Chest Pain

Who will get it? Anybody might get it. However it is not a common complaint at your age. MOST TEENAGERS WHO HAVE CHEST PAIN DO NOT HAVE HEART DISEASE.   What are the possible causes? Gut problem (Gastrointestinal disorders). E.g. Gastro esophageal reflux (most common) Musculoskeletal. E.g. costochondritis and muscle …

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Abdominal Pain

What cause abdominal pain? What cause abdominal pain? There are a variety of causes but: A first episode of sudden severe pain always indicates serious, life threatening disease If the pain is recurrent and chronic, then it is known as Recurrent Abdominal Pain   What are the danger signs? Recent …

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