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Mental Health Needs

Time Management

What is time management? Time management means prioritising goals and increasing work efficiency. What is time management skills? Time management skills help you to focus on the important things first and to work on them smartly. These skills include delegating, reducing distractions, setting time goals, using time-saving resources, etc. How …

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Learning Difficulties

Introduction Learning requires complex skills. Input through vision, hearing, touch, emotion, physical movement and balance will be processed together. To learn, an individual needs to be able to concentrate, remember, analyze and apply i.e. must have cognitive ability. Any problems with the processing the system or getting input will affect …

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Self Esteem

What does self-esteem mean? Self esteem is a way in which a child values himself. What are the characteristics of children with high self-esteem? These children: Make friends easily Show enthusiasm for new activities Are cooperative and follow age appropriate rules Are able to control their behaviour Play by themselves …

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How to Improve Self Esteem of Overweight Teenagers 15 Years & Below

Self-esteem can be defined as our basic sense of worth that comes from all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we have accumulated about ourselves in life. These impressions and evaluations add up to our feeling good about ourselves or feeling inadequate. One does not possess self-esteem overnight. It is …

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