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Your Relationship

Achievement & Career Development

Introduction Achievement and career development are important issues in a teenager’s life: Good academic achievement is among the most important criteria for you to further your studies Your interest and qualification for entry will determine your chosen fields What influences your achievement and career development? Personality Values Talent Creativity Interest …

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Intelligence & IQ

What is Intelligence? Intelligence means a person is able to survive by: Adapting appropriately to the environment Learning new concepts and ideas Solving problems Intelligence involves combining various skills to survive effectively: Physical skills such as movement skills Mental skills such as those involving memory, knowledge, speed of processing problems …

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Social Skills

What are social skills? Skills that help you make better social relationships: Communication skills Making friends Sharing skills Have conversations with people Have good social manners Have empathy towards others Problem solving Listening skills Anger control Good relationships mean easier life. Empathy Ability to build up rapport Appropriate self-disclosure Appropriate …

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Social Development

What is social development? Social development is a process where you get your beliefs, identity and behaviors within a society. What happens during this development? Learn new responsibilities Physical responsibilities: Exercise, fitness and leisure Food pyramid way Healthy snacks Social responsibilities (e.g. teamwork, caring for friends) Academic responsibilities (e.g. group …

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Responsibilities, Rights & Values

What are your rights as a teenager? You have the right not to be discriminated because of your: Race, colour, gender, language you speak Religion, opinion Nationality or ethnicity Socioeconomic status whether you are special or normal You should be given appropriate guidance by your parents, guardians or teachers of …

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Adolescent Identity

What is identity? Identity is about knowing who you are. Knowing yourself is knows your identity. Identity includes: Sense of self according to your Roles Skills Knowledge Personality Behavior Culture Ethnicity Religions Gender Family Friends Identity formation is very complex, it: Begins in childhood Takes place over a long period …

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