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Your Mind


Most school kids cringe on hearing the word homework! It gets tougher as you enter your secondary school years. The homework and assignments get more. As a teen you may find it difficult and challenging to juggle your time for your physical activities, social activities and getting your assignment done …

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Bulimia Nervosa

What is Bulimia Nervosa? It is a problem when you binge and you vomit or purge almost immediately what you have eaten to maintain a certain low weight. Like Anorexia Nervosa, you are obsessed with thinness, and will vomit and purge to compensate for the binge eating. Binge – uncontrollably …

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Body Image

Body changes You will experience frequent changes in your body as you mature into an adult. Before you know it, some things in your body grow bigger, and hair grows on places you would never expect hair to grow on, and so on: With so many changes in your body, …

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Decision Making

What is decision making? Decision making is making a choice in achieving a goal Making the best choices consistently is the key to success in life Making decisions can be tough, so avoiding decisions may seem easier at times Making your own decisions is the only way to take charge …

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Abstract Thinking

What is abstract thinking? Abstract thinking is an idea or concept about something that is not concrete (unable to be touched or seen). Reasoning and abstract thinking belong to a collection of cognitive (or thinking) skills that are often referred to as ‘executive functions’ or ‘higher level thinking skills’. They …

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Cognitive Development in Adolescent

What is cognitive development? Mental skills will improve with increasing Growth of brain functioning skills include Perception (making sense of things) Memory (remembering things) Thinking processes (concrete and abstract) Your thinking changes from being concrete to being more abstract Develop due to interaction between nature (maturation) and nurture (learning and …

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