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Introduction Dysmenorrhoea means pain during menstruation. About 60 to 70% of adolescent female have dysmenorrhoea. Most of them have mild symptoms. However, about 25% of them have severe dysmenorrhoea that interferes with their daily activities. Dysmenorrhoea can be classified into primary or secondary dysmenorrhoea Secondary dysmenorrhoea occurs mostly in adult …

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Sexual Maturity

When do I become sexually matured? Sexual maturation occurs during the teenage years. Changes that occur in boys and girls physically will make them capable of producing babies. For girls, the start of periods will enable them to become pregnant For boys, sperm production and ejaculation is the hallmark of …

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Normal Puberty

Introduction Puberty comes as you grow up! Puberty is marked by your ability to have children. Some people call it sexual maturity.   Definition Puberty is the time in your life when your: Body changes from that of a child to an adult. These changes include ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ sex …

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Understanding Adolescent

Am I an adolescent? Yes, you are if: Your age falls between 10 to 19 years Adolescence is a “period of transition” from childhood to adulthood.   Why does my body change? Hormones are responsible for changes during adolescence.   What are the physical changes? Growth spurt Your body is …

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