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Travel Advisory


Introduction Diphtheria is an acute infection affecting the upper respiratory system. Diphtheria outbreaks occurred in Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia and Ecuador in the 90’s It is not common in industrialized countries because of long standing routine use of DPT vaccine. A disease of colder months in temperate zones, involving primarily non-immunized …

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Rabies (Penyakit Anjing Gila)

Pengenalan Rabies adalah jangkitan virus akut. Rabies terdapat dalam haiwan di kebanyakan negara di seluruh dunia. Kebanyakan kes jangkitan manusia berlaku di negara-negara membangun. Agen penyebab: Virus rabies, sejenis rabdovirus dari genus Lyssavirus Cara jangkitan:  Virus rabies terdapat dalam air liur haiwan dan boleh di jangkiti melalui gigitan atau sebarang …

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Introduction Worldwide. Sexually transmitted infections have been known since ancient times, they remain a major public health problem which was compounded by the appearance of HIV/AIDS around 1980. Since the early cases of AIDS that was reported among male homosexuals in Los Angeles, United States of America, in 1981, extensive …

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Tuberculosis (TB)

Introduction Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis that usually affects the lungs, although it can affect any part of the body like bones, joints, genito-urinary, intestines, skin, tuberculous meningitis and others. TB is one of the major global public health challenges and …

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Introduction Most important parasitic disease in tropical and subtropical countries. It is currently endemic in over 100 countries and It is a serious and sometimes fatal disease. Tropical Africa is a much higher-risk destination compared to Latin America and Asia for following reasons:- Tourists in Africa spend considerable time in …

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