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Eye Care

Computers and Eye Health

The increased use of computers in society , whether for work, learning or for playing computer games, surfing the internet or searching for information has raised concerns over its impact on visual function in particular and public health in general. An estimated 25 % to 93 % of computer users …

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Sunglasses are protective eyewear that is widely used by most people to prevent strong light from entering the eyes. They can also be a form of visual aid which incorporates coloured or polarized lenses. Despite its protective function, sunglasses are known as a fashionable item and they do add a …

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Coloured/Cosmetic Contact lens

Contact lens is an alternative device used to correct refractive error. They are used by people who are not keen to wear spectacles especially those youngsters who care for their appearance and also those who are active in sports. However, with the emergence of coloured contact lenses, they have become …

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Safety Glasses

What is meant by safety glasses? Safety eyewear is composed of several types of special glasses used for protecting the eyes and the area around the eyes. The discussion here is only about safety glasses in the context of its use to prevent mechanical injury alone, and not those used …

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