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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer occurs in the colon or rectum. Colon is the large bowel while rectum is the passageway between the colon and the anus. Colorectal cancer occurs commonly worldwide. The risk of getting colorectal cancer increase with age. It is commonly found in people age 50 or older. There may …

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Be Healthy For Life

Be Healthy For Life Key to be healthy for life The key to be healthy for life is to live a healthy lifestyle which includes : Eat healthy Do not smoke Be physically active Learn to handle stress Benefits of a healthy lifestyle Improves your health status – live a …

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Pre-Marital HIV Screening Programme

Pre-marital HIV test can be done in any government health clinics in Malaysia and it is offered for free. The main objective of this program is to allow individuals to know their HIV status, mainly among high risk people and subsequently to take further steps to prevent the transmission of …

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Anonymous HIV Testing

HIV and AIDS are incurable disease. It is caused by HIV virus infection that weakened the body immune system. HIV virus is detectable in bodily fluids of the carrier. It is active in the blood, semen and vaginal fluids of those infected with the disease. You may be exposed with …

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Introduction Obesity is a chronic condition that has now becomes an epidemic. The prevalence has risen significantly over the years including Malaysia. Ten years ago obesity was only a health risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Howeverbased on scientific findings for the paast five years, obesity is an independent risk factor …

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Computers and Eye Health

The increased use of computers in society , whether for work, learning or for playing computer games, surfing the internet or searching for information has raised concerns over its impact on visual function in particular and public health in general. An estimated 25 % to 93 % of computer users …

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