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Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a common skin disease affecting 0.5-2% of the population. It is characterized by well circumscribed, depigmented (white) spots on the skin and is usually symmetrically distributed

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What Is Pityriasis Versicolor

It is a common superficial skin infection caused by yeasts of the genus Malassezia. The yeasts are usually found on sebum(lipid)-rich areas of the body such as the trunk, back, face and scalp. Malassezia furfur yeasts are part of the normal skin flora which may cause infection under certain conditions.

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Contact Dermatitis

It is an inflammatory reaction of the skin caused by direct contact with haptens (allergens – allergic contact dermatitis) or irritants (irritant contact dermatitis) in the environment. The skin reaction will present itself as eczema or dermatitis.

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