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What is stroke? Stroke is a condition whereby blood vessel to the brain is blocked or ruptured. Thebrain tissue gets damaged because of lack of oxygen. When that part of brain tissue dies the function of that brain tissue will be lost. Among the main symptoms are fainting, unconsciousness and/or …

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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a silent disease which can lead to many complications and even death threat if not treated. In Malaysia the National Health and Morbidity Survey III indicated a prevalence of 32.3% for this illness. Blood Pressure Your heart works like a pump and it contracts …

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INTRODUCTION Tonsil ; sub-epithelial lymphoid tissue in the oropharyngeal part of our throat. Two in number. Ovoid mass in lateral wall of oropharynx between anterior & posterior pillars. Actual size bigger than it appears as it extends upward to soft palate, downwards to base of tongue & anteriorly into palatoglossal …

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