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Risks of Multiple Pregnancies

The infertility treatment’s primary goal has always been for each couple to have one healthy child at a time. However, there are many challenges to this and undoubtedly the most important issue has been multiple pregnancies either twins or more (i.e.: high-order multiple). In many occasions, fertility drugs for ovarian …

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Endocrine – Related Fertility Issues

Introduction All endocrine problems can affect the couple’s gonadal function either directly or indirectly by having an effect on the hypothalamus – pituitary axis. Among the endocrine problems that are directly related to fertility are high prolactin levels, abnormal thyroid function (either high or low), polycystic ovarian syndrome (mentioned on …

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Smoking and Air Conditioning

Introduction People have known the dangers of smoking to health. Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer, addiction, fetal loss, impotence and so on. Regulations 2004 amendments to the Tobacco Products Control Regulations 2005 have been underlined prohibited area and if convicted can be fined a maximum …

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Alert Organisms

Introduction / Definition Alert organisms / condition is one of a specified list of microorganisms / infections, which on identification should be referred to the IPC Lead (Infection & Prevention Committee) to: Investigate possible healthcare associated infection Address possible ongoing transmission risks by advising on control measures Investigate as an …

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Precautions For People Exposed To Wildlife

Persons exposed to wildlife are at risk to be infected with diseases carried by wild animals. These people include hunter, aboriginal people, people who live near the forest, people who keep wild animals, Wildlife and National Parks staff and people who consume bush meat. Humans can be exposed to infectious …

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