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Laser in Dental Treatment

Laser treatment is a safe and effective procedure. The only limitation of using laser in dental treatment would be the high cost compared to the similar effectiveness obtained using conventional dental treatment, except for some added advantages as describe earlier.

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Diet During Tooth Development

Diet and its nutritional consequences can have a profound influence on tooth development. Development of primary teeth begins when the foetus is between 6-8 weeks and is completed by the time the child is three years of age with the completion of the formation of the root’s structures of the tooth.

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Oral Cyst

Introduction Cyst is defined as an abnormal cavity in hard or soft tissue which contains fluid, semifluid or gaseous. Cyst is often encapsulated and lined by epithelium. An oral cyst is generally filled with liquid. Cyst can form anywhere in the mouth, including the lips, tongue, floor of mouth, gums, …

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Periodontal Assessment Before Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics involves moving teeth through bone to relocate them in better places for both appearance and function. The outcome of orthodontic treatment is very much influenced by your periodontal (gum) status before, during and after treatment. Assessment for the presence of any form of gum disease before orthodontic treatment is …

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